About Us

Suburban Christian School is an accredited, private Christian school located on the south side of Indianapolis. We minister to around 200 families which includes a little over 350 students ranging from preschool through twelfth grade.

Suburban Christian School is a ministry of Suburban Baptist Church and has been in operation since 1975. Suburban Christian School is accredited through the American Association of Christian Schools and is a member of the Indiana Association of Christian Schools. SCS also participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program.

Our Mission

To train students through instruction and example to love God and His Word.

suburban christian school indianapolis

Our Campus

Our campus is located on 13 acres and includes the main school building which houses the elementary grades and the church building which houses the secondary. We also have been blessed with a wonderful gymnasium that just had some major renovation during the summer of 2018 and a soccer field.

Our school is located at 722 East County Line Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227.

Our Vision

SCS will ignite a passion for God, His Word and His will in the life of each student, so that they will impact their family, local church, community and the entire world through the transformation of their life by the gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God. We will equip them academically and spiritually so that no shortfall will hinder them from completing God’s will for their lives.

Our General Philosophy

To educate the total child spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. We believe a proper balance of all is necessary for the child’s complete development. Truthful education must include the authority of all truth of the Almighty God and the Bible where every subject is incorporated into the infallible Word of God.